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Sweets' Cattle Company  

Registered Gelbvieh, Balancer, and commercial cattle in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Sweets' Cattle Company Services 

Services Offered by Sweets' Cattle Company include:

  • Clipping (Sale/Show)
  • Fitting (Show)
  • Artificial Insemination

For any questions, additional information, or to set up an appointment, please contact Elysia Grothe at 870-404-3307 


At Sweets' Cattle Company, I pride myself on doing a good job.  

I have clipped for many different people for different occasions.

  • Local, State, and National shows
  • Select Cattle Sales
  • Private Treaty Cattle Sales

One of the best feelings for me is taking a "pasture calf" and turning it into a "show calf".  A lot of times, you end up finding a diamond in the rough.  

My Prices vary: Starts at $50 and can go to about $100 a head (for a full body clip, depending on amount of hair).  If you have purchased a calf from Sweets' Cattle Company, you have a discount for all clipping/fitting services.   

*travel expenses will be extra*


Fitting cattle is just another necessary process in getting a calf ready for a cattle show.  It makes their legs and body appear bigger, more angular, and prettier.  

Mostly, I have fit for people who have either purchased a calf from Sweets' Cattle Company or the Mountain Home Show Team, but I do not limit myself to that.  

I am not a "professional fitter", but I think I do a pretty good job.

My Prices vary:  Starts at $10/leg and can go to about $30/leg (depending on amount hair and the show)    

*travel expenses will be extra*

Artificial Insemination

In today's world of crossbreeding, a lot of times it takes Artificial Insemination to get the right cross.

I am a Certified A.I. Technician.  

~$25/straw is a lot cheaper than a $3,000+ bull.   

The process of A.I., a lot of times, is much safer for the animals.

My Prices: $25/head for the first 5 head of cattle,  $20/head for the next 10, and $15/head for the rest. (Non-negotiable)

*travel expenses will be extra*

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